Yancy Becket
The Man
The Legend


SAVING PEOPLE, HUNTING THINGS, THE FAMILY BUSINESS → a (mostly) classic rock fanmix mix for the winchesters. 8tracks & download.

spn meme ||  ten episodes || 8.08 Hunteri Heroici

(。º̩̩́  º̩̩̀)

he’s got one hand on the throttle
the other on the brake
he’s riding back to redwood
to own his father’s stake

The Sons of Anarchy characters and their Hamlet counterparts

This ship is so cute! It can’t be real >.<


So this ship is like official right????

Home is where the Reaper is.


Superhero families take their kids back to school. [source]





Mako knocks Raleigh down a few pegs while the Wei Triplets in the background are just loving it (Stacker nods in solemn agreement).

I appreciate Raleigh’s sort of shocked blink at her knocking him, then his expression of total awe right afterwards. THAT’S NOT HOW YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO ACT WHEN SHE QUESTIONS YOUR MANHOOD. And I approve of that reaction.

"Did she just questi-…MY GAWD SHE’S REGAL."

You just know that he’s debating Yancy as kid name, or dog name in that last gif.

"We’ll have two kids. They’d better look like her. And I wonder if she’ll let me have a border collie."